Rain gutters interact with a home in a number of ways, all of which can solve or create problems on their own. So, it can be a matter of balancing the benefits and downsides before opting for or against gutters and downspouts.

The primary purpose of rain gutters is to move water away from your home’s foundation and basement. If your home is situated on level or downwardly sloping land, proper drainage may occur naturally, without requiring gutters to act as conduits.

Guttering function

The rain runs down the roof into the gutters. From there the water runs along the gutters to an opening. The opening drains into a long downspout that takes the running water away from the house.

uPVC guttering

  • Plastic if one of the most durable gutter materials that is available
  • Another advantage is the cost. You will pay less for a plastic gutter than an other gutter material
  • Easy to install
  • The sections join together very easily

Gutter guards

Gutter guards prevent unwanted debris from getting into the gutter, enhancing its function



To keep gutters working at optimum level, it is important to clean out any growth or accumulated debris that may be blocking the channels and preventing the water from running into the downspout. Backed up gutters can push water into the house or over the edges.

Gutter types

  • Deep Ogee
  • Half-Round
  • Full Round (Downpipes)
  • Square
  • Victorian